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04 March 2019

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Carter Boardman Foxworth talks Shoes, Marketing, and BBQ.

We always love working with our gal pal, Carter Foxworth, on various collaborations and thought it would be fun to do a little interview sesh coupled with our giveaway. As a managing partner of The Randolph Group and also Marketing Director of her family’s shoe businesses, Carter wears many hats… She is making balance of multiple career commitments look easy! Wanna know her tips? Read more below.


How did you end up in Charleston?

I am from Augusta, GA, but my family grew up coming to Charleston for vacation. I attended College of Charleston, then moved to NYC for just under six years. While I adored NYC, there was always something in the back of my mind telling me I’d end up in Charleston. I met my husband, Foxy Foxworth, while living in NYC. We dated long distance for a while, but I always knew he was my ticket back south! I moved back to Charleston two years ago and couldn’t be happier.


How long has your family been in the retail/shoe business?

The owner, Catherine, my mom, opened Shoes at Surrey in Augusta, GA 10 years ago and Shoes on King 6 years ago. Prior to that, our family has no history in the retail/shoe business. World’s collided when I worked at Stuart Weitzman on the global marketing team managing VIP and events!


We want to know how your location in Augusta differs from the Charleston location and audience!

While the two stores are very similar, they are also different. Augusta is all local traffic whereas the Charleston location is a mix of locals and tourists. When buying for Charleston Catherine can buy a few more wildcard, risky shoe styles as the style of Charleston differs from that of Augusta, Georgia. It’s easy to spot what shoes will do well in Augusta vs what shoes will do well in Charleston. There’s something about the energy and style in Charleston!


What is your favorite thing about being involved in the family business? What’s the least favorite, or most challenging, aspect?

Being involved in the family business is really fun. I love being able to take my experience and apply it to my mom’s businesses to help her do what she does best, running the business and the buying, while I focus on marketing.  It’s awesome to be a part of something your mom has created and help it grow. My least favorite aspect and the most challenging is definitely always remaining professional. Also, being the annoying person that is constantly following up on emails. With a store, your constantly so busy with orders, customers, etc. that marketing can easily fall to the side, but I make sure to stay on top of it whether they like it or not. It’s important, especially in the retail world we currently live in.


How do you balance your role at SOK with your marketing job at The Randolph Group? Tell us a little more about the hats you wear at both businesses.

It’s all a juggling act, right? Lots of to-do lists, calendar reminders and staying super organized. My role as the marketing director at Shoes on King and my job at The Randolph Company are very similar in a lot of ways and both help each other out. After moving back to Charleston I took my experience from being on the global marketing team at Stuart Weitzman and applied it to Shoes on King. My mom had been handling all the marketing on her own (impressive) with no background in that field, so it was a relief to have someone step in to take over so she could focus on everything else that come with running 2 businesses. I produce all content shoots, manage their social, brand partnerships, events, advertising, and experiential marketing.

While working on various projects in Charleston, I met Austin Walker, the CEO of The Randolph Company and we instantly clicked and knew we needed to work together. The Randolph Company is a strategic advisory firm specializing in brand strategy and experiential activation. To an outsider, we look and feel like a marketing agency. My role at The Randolph Company is a little bit of everything. From managing social media for clients, to forging strategic partnerships and activating brands, I have my hand on everything we’re working on for clients to make sure things run smoothly and on timeline. It has really worked out where our clients overlap and can work together. For example, I am working on a re-brand roll-out that involves a giveaway combining 4 of my clients. It all comes full circle when you can create an environment where your clients can feed off each other.


You recently got married (congrats) and your wedding was GORGE. Which three beauty products did you use on the big day and what drew you to those products?

Thank you! Biologique Recherche P50Hourglass Lip OilCharlotte Tillbury brow gel and Maya Chia The Great Cleanse. I couldn’t pick 3…

I really just incorporated my normal products into my wedding day! First things first – everyone needs a good cleanser. We all want that even skin look right? Maya Chia The Great Cleanse will answer all your prayersP50 has been a staple for me since it changed my skin a few years ago. I love that Spa Azure exclusively carries the entire Biologique line! Hourglass Lip Oil makes anyone’s lips look amazing. Trust me. And I don’t leave the house without at least some Charlotte Tillbury Brow Gel on. It’s the best.


What is your favorite thing about coming to freecoat?

Getting your nails done in a way has become a chore to me. freecoat makes it feel like a treat vs. a chore. You walk in and instantly feel relaxed, whereas at other nail salons you walk in, fight to put your name on a list, to then wait for your turn to have an experience that is in no way calming. freecoat is inviting, fun and you can sit under the Celluma while getting a pedicure. Win win!

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Which polish line are you loving right now and which colorways?

Currently obsessed with Smith and Cult! I don’t stray from dark colors too often, but now that spring is almost here I’ll throw in some color!


3 quick Charleston questions: Favorite place for drinks? Favorite place for fresh oysters? Favorite BBQ joint?

Drinks: Depending on my mood. Basic KitchenGraft or Mex1 on Sullivan’s.

Oysters: Leon’s

BBQ: Home Team Sullivan’s. It’s slightly embarrassing…if I don’t go in a weekend the staff is concerned that I’m not okay! Sometimes I just go to say hi and check in. (BTW we totally get this… we aren’t showing you our credit card statements echoing the same amount of time and money spent at Hometeam! Eeekkk!)

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