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19 May 2019

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Welcome to the freecoat blog! We are so stoked to share this fun interview with y’all!

We are back with another feature from one of our fave duos. Meet Taneka Reaves & Johnny Caldwell! You may know them as @cocktailbandits on Instagram!


What inspired the name Cocktail Bandits? So clever!

We were having drinks at ‘The Cocktail Club’ with a friend. Soon more friends showed up and more champagne, cocktails and shots were ordered and enjoyed. We left the bar before things got crazy and deemed ourselves the ‘Cocktail Bandits’ ever since.


How did the two of you meet and decide to become business partners?

We met at the College of Charleston the first day of our freshman year.


We are curious and have to ask… what is the longest amount of time you have gone without a sip of alcohol? It must be hard to do a detox in your line of work!

Seasonally. Taneka just finished her week-long Spring Cleanse!


What is the most challenging aspect of owning your own business?

Time management is the most challenging aspect of business ownership. Things always take longer than you expect them to, which is why we are super selective about how, and where, we spend our time.


The cocktail world seems to be dominated by men. Wine Magazine even penned this interesting ​article​ a couple years ago. How have you two managed to overcome some of these obstacles and what advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs in male-dominated industries?

Social media has helped tremendously. Instagram has enabled us to connect with women in our industry all over the world. We have built a community based on support and respect.

Favorite cocktail + recipe
I usually drink Tequila… So, I’d say my favorite cocktail is a Classic Margarita. Always good.
1.5 oz of Blanco Tequila
.75 oz of Lemon Juice
.5 oz of Agave
Add Tequila, citrus and agave to mixing tin; fill tin with ice. Secure lid, then shake mixing tin passionately. Strain mixture into rocks glass full of ice. Garnish with lemon slice. Enjoy.
Name your favorite spot for sunset cocktails
I love a good rooftop. The Watch at The Restoration Inn has one of the best bars and best views of the bridge in Charleston.

Favorite cocktail + recipe
La Bandita Lagerita
40 ml of Jalapeno infused Tequila
20 ml of Fresh Squeezed Lemon & Lime Juice
20 ml of Cointreau
Topped with Mexican Lager
Pour tequila, citrus juice and Cointreau into a mixing glass. Shake vigorously. Rim highball glass with lime juice then dip the rim into the salt. Add ice to glass. Pour all the contents into glass. Gently add beer to mixture until the glass in full. Garnish with jalapeno slice. enjoy.


Name your favorite spot for cocktails + apps?

I love so many restaurants in Charleston, but I have to say my favorite spot is Barsa.

Favorite thing about coming to Freecoat? ​

The beautiful ambiance. We love coming to freecoat because we know that the service, vibes, and en result will always be good! Also, the sugar scrub can’t be beat!

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