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31 August 2020

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Combat COVID-19 Maskne

Raise your hand if your skin is not responding well to continuous mask wear! freecoat is here to the rescue to help you combat your worst Covid-19 maskne and skin irritation problems.

Continuous mask wear can be a problem for workers (like our team) who may not be able to remove the mask frequently throughout the day. One of the best things you can do is invest in several cloth masks like these from Emily Daws to keep on rotation so you start with a clean mask every single day! Picking up a dirty disposable mask of your car floor is not doing anyone any favors!

On bathroom breaks, make an effort to pull down your mask (only touch with clean hands please) and give your skin a break! Mist, or tone skin, during breaks with rose water or witch hazel.

Avoid harsh chemicals in the area around your mask. Especially those with skin sensitivities like rosacea or acne.

Switch to a non-toxic toothpaste like Dr. Brite’s all-natural toothpaste or Weleda. We carry Dr. Brite’s fun and vibrant line of dental products in the studio and they’re great for kids too! Fluoridated toothpaste can actually create a pesky condition called perioral dermatitis, which looks similar to acne around the nostril and mouth area. And unfortunately,… a mask can worsen the condition 🙁

Keeping skin moisturized while increasing cell turnover is vital. Try a serum like one of our favorite studio picks Leahlani Siren Serum, which contains organic botanicals for a youth-enhancing and acne-fighting blend of vitamin A and vitamin C!

Swapping your harsh cleanser for a gentle, yet highly effective cleansing oil will help create a nice moisture barrier for skin that lasts throughout the day. Our favorite pick carried in the studio is Maya Chia’s Great Cleanse.

Lastly, stop touching your face and your mask! We know it is hard, but this won’t last forever!

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