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20 Jul

Get Your Glow On + Feel the Benefits of our Infrared Sauna

Have you detoxed your body lately? There are so many ways for you to rid your body of everything that isn’t meant for it, and the clean beauty industry has made it clear that it wants to play the biggest part in your detox regimen. Did you know that beauty products that aren’t natural + […]

11 Jun

Can I Get a Glass of Rosé?!

written by guest, Catherine Diehl   The GPS said we were fifteen minutes away from freecoat nails, and after driving five hours to get to Charleston, SC, and running on five hours of sleep, my feet were basically pulling me to the studio. We wanted to start our first day in Charleston off right, and we […]

4 May

freecoat: A Highkey Amazing Way to Enter the Clean Beauty Game

freecoat knows the ins and outs of the clean beauty market, which pretty much makes us the leaders in the industry (hair toss). We know everything about opening a non-toxic beauty bar, and if you’re opening a freecoat, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Working side by side and supporting our […]

29 Apr

Take a Peek Inside freecoat nails

NAILPRO | Mar 1, 2021 The Look freecoat was created out of necessity and the idea that everyone should be able to receive services in a safe and fun environment. Many salons do not offer a true nontoxic option; we provide a 6-free or better promise, meaning we omit six of the most harmful chemicals found in […]

29 Apr

Clean Juice founders tapping into nontoxic beauty scene with freecoat nails venture

By Jennifer Thomas – Senior Staff Writer, Charlotte Business Journal | Apr 23, 2021, 3:11pm EDT “We love concepts that are better for people — whether it’s food or beauty. We want to continue to look at these opportunities,” Landon Eckles says. He and wife Kat will debut the Charlotte flagship location of freecoat nails […]

23 Mar

Invest in YOU by Opening a Beauty Bar Franchise with freecoat

  It’s time to ditch the office job and be your own boss. You’re probably thinking, “But where do I start?” and “What if I don’t have the experience?” Opening a beauty bar franchise with freecoat is a great way to go into business for yourself, and we’ve got the hookup for removing a lot […]

9 Mar

We’re Extra: The Beauty Bar Franchise that Has No Chill

  Since opening in 2017 as Charleston’s first non-toxic nail + beauty bar franchise system, freecoat is proud to expand this clean beauty concept to cities all over the country. We provide our guests with upscale + clean studios, and we keep all of our products and services toxin-free. When it comes to nail salons, […]

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