Freecoat Nails Nail Salon Services Manicure Pedicure Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


We use high-end, non-toxic products and never offer fake nails/acrylics, which contribute to bad fumes in traditional nail salons. Each location is equipped with hospital grade ventilation systems and filters, to evacuate fumes and circulate clean air.

6-Free or Better

Our studio standard is that all polishes be 6-free or better, which means we do not permit the use of many harmful chemicals. These omitted chemicals are as follows: petrochemicals, parabens, DPB, TPHP, toluene, camphor, xylene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and animal byproducts.

Jet-Free Pedicures

This approach lends a much cleaner experience as it is impossible to adequately clean those jets over time; data shows that typical pedicure foot baths are breeding grounds for contagious pathogens. Our pedi bowls are jet-free and double disinfected after each use.

Double Sanitation Technique

We follow a double sanitation method for all instruments and footbaths. This ensures instruments are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected between clients. You’ll never see one of our technicians pull an instrument from a drawer. Our stainless-steel implements go through a timed disinfectant soak, and medical grade autoclave, to ensure proper sterilization.


We must turn clients away that have contraindications (ie. fungus or infection) for the safety of our technicians and other clients.

Licensed Technicians

Our employees are all current and legally licensed to practice in their respective state.

Online Booking

You never have to wait for a beauty service again! Reserve in advance and save time. Click here to book your beauty or nail service today!

Nail Art

Nail art can be added to any service. It is important for us to know this in advance, both for scheduling purposes and so we can match you with a nail artist. When you arrive for your appointment, photos of your desired design are very helpful to your nail stylist. If we can’t accommodate that particular design we will advise you on other options! Our instagram page is an excellent source for nail design ideas as we are constantly updating it with our work. Click here to see our Nail Art Menu.

Gift Cards

We offer Gift Cards both in store and online. Redeemable at any location. Click here to purchase a printable Gift Card online.

Transparency Is The Key To Trust

Gel Removal

Please book this service in advance! No drills at this salon – we do soft gel removal only. This means we can’t remove dip gel, SNS, or acrylics as we don’t have the appropriate tools to do so. Certain locations may be able to remove our in-house line of builder gel. Always check with your location if you have questions.


We staff to schedule and have to pay our technicians. 50% for same day cancel/reschedule and 100% for no shows. For groups of 3+. please contact your location for their group policies, which require additional notice. Click here to fill out our group form.


Please arrive 5 minutes early to check-in and select polish! Late arrivals may affect the length of your treatment and service will end on time, so the next guest is not delayed. Full service fee still applies.

Cleaning Our Tools

All of our tools are put through a hospital-grade sterilization machine called an autoclave after every guest. The tools are cleaned by hand first and then soak in barbicide for 30 minutes. After that they are then packaged, sealed and run through the autoclave. All buffers and files are one time-use products and are disposed of after each guest.. You are encouraged to take home your buffers and files!


Freecoat’s prices are typically within a few dollars of traditional nail salons yet significantly more affordable than day spa pricing.

Here’s why:

  1. We provide our nail artists with a generous wage, proper breaks, paid vacation and promote a healthy work-life balance.
  2. We invest in one-time use buffers and files and hospital grade sterilization/cleaning equipment that many salons do not.
  3. We use high quality, natural products in our services. While these cost significantly more, we believe they are well-worth it to provide our customers and staff with a non-toxic experience.


Complimentary minor repairs on gel applications with manager’s approval. Please email photos of any needed repairs (polish chipping or lifting_ within 48 hours of services; breakages are excluded. Any repairs after 48 hours of service will incur a fee. Lacquer polish services are not guaranteed. No refunds offered in lieu of repairs. This applies to out-of-town guests as well. Please note, non-toxic polish takes 2+ hours to completely dry. Dipping hands or feet in cold water can speed things along. Please bring flip flops or purchase a pair in studio.


Ages 10 and under are applicable for Kid Coat services. Infants are welcome in car sets. Gel services for kids vary by location.


Please do not use any electronic devices during your manicure. This allows your manicurist to focus on your service and free up your hands so we can efficiently paint those nails!

Rescheduling Policy

Reservations rebooked due to natural disasters, family emergencies, or inclement weather will be rebooked at no penalty to Freecoat.

Freecoat Nails Nail Salon Services Manicure Pedicure